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The Seattle Storm turns mobile engagement into ticketing revenue through SQWAD

The Seattle Storm had the goal of creating a mobile experience for their fans that not only engaged their fans during the live game, but also lead to tangible ROI for their team.


  1. Create a mobile experience that pulls fans in and connects them with the live game
  2. Build customer insights for CRM system
  3. Turn this experience into a vessel to directly sell tickets


The Seattle Storm worked with SQWAD to create a mobile experience that included an in-game fantasy sports platform and loyalty experience for their fans to engage with the live game.

The fan engagement:

The Storm offered a ticketing deal on the home slider of the platform for the season to match a non-intrusive CTA with the pull of the mobile experience.

The Results

The Seattle Storm were able to

With this data the Storm are able to have actionable insights that help in group and season ticket sales.

What’s Next?

For the 2017 season we are working with the Storm to add direct messaging & push notifications segmented based on fan actions and behaviors within the platform.

Learn How We Can Help Your Team